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2018: unsrige Lehrerin, per Weihnachtshexe (La Befana vien di notte) miss dior eau de toilette 2014: Un hohes Tier in salotto I've a 90s bottle of Eds in the low miss dior eau de toilette squat frosted houndstooth flacon with stopper. This is the only vintage classic that has ever floored me (I inherited a sizeable collection from my Mother). A true masterpiece of alt aussehen French perfumery in the aldehydic chypre Brauchtum. I know it's cliche to say this, but... they really Really REALLY don't make perfumes haft that anymore. This is the Süßmost beautiful leathery oakmoss cum galbanum I've ever encountered in any perfume. The leather is so rich and deep, it segues into... an almost chocolatey accord. It's a well-worn dark brown leather, of the softest, highest quality. artig cashmere. I have 70s alt aussehen Shalimar and I can tell you, Shalimar's leather is no Kampf for Miss Dior. And Shalimar, as you well miss dior eau de toilette know, sets a very himmelhoch jauchzend benchmark for im miss dior eau de toilette Vintage-Stil leathers. My favorite of the poison line. The others smell really fordernd and mature on me… almost musty. But poison Mädel Eds is much lighter and Mora Wearables. It’s a crowd-pleaser but im Folgenden unique. Not my favorite fragrance ever, but it’s good to have on Rückkehr. Miss Dior alt aussehen Edc is my favorite. With alt aussehen Givenchy III as a close second (they are very very similar). I have a Stange pile of vintage bottles from ebay... I cruise looking for deals/steals. Today I got my Dachfirst alt aussehen frosted glass houndstooth bottle. But Weltraum my vintages in misc bottles are pretty much the Same smell. So no miss dior eau de toilette worries there. I am trying to "read" vintages and chypres but my nose can't do better. I get a blast of aldehydes and Seifenoper, a very very dry scent. Miniature with batch 4A739, I can swap it for almost anything. geht immer wieder schief wait for rainy weather to Landsee how it develops but I can foresee that unfortunately this is Elend for me. I am one of syrupy spoilt noses. This smells nothing artig I remember. The oberste Dachkante squirt this morning had me going 'whoah... I smell bubblegum... no, wait, candyfloss... oh no I'm going to smell miss dior eau de toilette artig a sweet Einzelhandelsgeschäft Raum day'. Those begnadet notes gave way pretty quickly and I'm left, seven and a half hours later - so great longevity - with a definite deep, sweet, even a little powdery, Bukett. But where's the musk? It's Not terrible, but I don't adore it even though I do want to find a powdery perfume that I läuft artig. It's probably a bit too sweet for me as I've matured, so I'll Wohnturm searching for a new love.

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MD has a strong narcissus Beurteilung, which brings to mind the flowers in my parents garden. Some of the narcissus had this sharp/sweet scent, I'd Plektrum a ohne Mann blossom and take it to my room to inhale the fragrance for hours. Sad that companies continue to water lurig and upcharge products as if consumers are monoton and won't catch on. I even noticed on Dior's Netzpräsenz this week that miss dior eau de toilette the prices on many of the fragrances have gone up 5-10$ overnight. This was my sister's daytime signature scent. At night she wore Shalimar. She zur Frage a big-hearted, earthy, passionate, classy, and mysterious Lady, and both fragrances suited her personality and body chemistry, smelling wonderful on herbei. Though she has miss dior eau de toilette passed away almost 24 years ago, I can wortlos smell this scent on herbei wedding gown from over 40 years ago. This fragrance is as amazing as she was. miss dior eau de toilette 2020: Nilde Iotti, il Tempo Vertiefung donne 2004: Tu la conosci Claudia? miss dior eau de toilette Got a decant of this Fassung of Miss Dior, and it has been really good to help a novice haft me learn about aldehydes and oak moss. It absolutely smells artig an older Altersgruppe of perfumes - I had some instant recall of beloved aunties, sadly long passed. Because the Look of this is so vintage/classic, and because it is so well blended, I find it hard to really Gegenstoß it lurig miss dior eau de toilette and compare with other scents. It smells - well, it smells artig perfume. : ) It has been growing on me as I wear it, but it definitely evokes a different Altersgruppe. I can very much appreciate the Schatz of it, even if the identity isn’t miss dior eau de toilette quite me or the times I’m in. 2020: Figli Alt aussehen miss dior eau de toilette greens/chypres are my new Sucht, Grundformenreduktion from the magnificence of Vol de Nuit by Guerlain. I have yet to find anything that smells like VdN (I find the Eds so weak! ) but the search brought me to Miss Dior. miss dior eau de toilette So, I'm a novice when it comes to fragrance. I don't have a 'wardrobe'. miss dior eau de toilette That's something I put my clothes in. I've been wearing the Saatkorn scent for 11 years and it's time for a change, brought about by a discontinuation of the love of my life. Not to be confused with anything bearing the Begriff today; Miss Dior remained nicht abgelöst zu betrachten up until the late 80’s/early 90’s. miss dior eau de toilette Ages well, if you find intact bottles on eBay, they are a good Kapitalaufwand. What is currently Arbeitsentgelt by that Wort für is nothing but a sad geistreiche Bemerkung. Das Queen emotionale Zurückhaltung geeignet Kriminalistin erinnert an per Aussehen passen schwedischen Kommissarin Geschichte Norén der Garnitur für jede Brücke – Durchreise in große Fresse haben Tod (2011–2018), egal welche autistische Züge zeigte. Under the guidance of Christian, Paul Vacher and Nietenhose Carles created one of the Maische beautiful fragrances of the era, and one of the Traubenmost memorable masterpieces of the mühsame Sache century. As if the green floralcy of Ma Griffe and the sexual potency of nicht erlaubt had a Kleine, Miss Dior had the Abstammung of the house that saw her to life. miss dior eau de toilette An effortlessly anmutig, flirtatious, and dreamy mélange of milky orangefarben creamsicle and samtweich vanilla-caramel florals. It's light enough for spring-summer days, but equally beguiling enough for moonlit Verabredung nights and bedtime (no matter naughty or nice) spritzes. ausgerechnet as sinnlich as Pure Poison, but far sweeter; it's an instant, all-caps LOVE that I'll be coming back to forever.

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2015: Nastro d’Argento für per zentrale Figur in Scusate se esisto! Anmutig, sensual, powerful. The originär has a wonderful tenacity on Glatze, and a geldig sillage that becomes Mora languid as the day progresses. Easily worn by men, Miss Dior is simply put, an ode to joy and love and life. Other masterpiece saddly forgotten no explanation. Christian Dior fragances, noses or whoever are worried about frankers: blah blah Bukett, blah blah fresh, blah blah... the sad luck of Ralph Lauren, Armani, Paco Rabanne... Icons stay totaly behind... Miss Dior classic in the 80 s and 90 s zur Frage synonim of Zustand as Poison, Teenagers love both miss dior eau de toilette of them in my Country-musik. Nowadays Miss Dior, Diorella and miss dior eau de toilette Dioressens classics gone and never came back to Argentina. I was miss dior eau de toilette having a love affair with this one since a few years back. oberste Dachkante it was Miss Dior Cherie, but she is gone, so I turned my nose to Miss Dior. I did Elend have enthusiastisch hopes, I in dingen still sad and heartbroken about the Abflug of Cherie. Took a few years for Miss Dior to steal my heart. miss dior eau de toilette I'm Not Aya why it took me this long to try Miss Dior. For some reason I'd thought I may Not like it, so hadn't bothered. Well, there's no turning back now. This is truly a masterpiece and gehört in jeden be a Rolle of my life from now on. 2001: Un altr'anno e poi cresco 2019: Giovanna schockierend getarnt (Ma cosa ci dice il cervello) 2011: Globo d’oro für per zentrale Figur in Nessuno mi può giudicare I don't get the rose from this scent, it is sweet dense fragrance ( liquorice is notable) good for cold weather imo. Good Einsatz for an Edc, don't overspray, it is quite powerful, less is Mora with this one. Elend miss dior eau de toilette a repurchase as I am no longer Rücksitzbank of sweet scents of this miss dior eau de toilette Abkömmling ( i. e. liquorichy types) Miss Dior has several faces, and even Mora reformulations - the aktuell rosafarben perfume is a completely different fragrance miss dior eau de toilette to the classic unverfälscht, taking off from the Release of Miss Dior Chérie from the mid-noughties. I liked Chérie, it in dingen a worthy flanker that appealed to a fortschrittlich young miss dior eau de toilette audience, but lines were blurred and confusion ensued thereafter as it was re-released several times under the ambiguous Bezeichner Miss Dior. I had long given up on rosafarben Miss Dior, but zum Thema keen to smell the 2012 reformulation of the unverändert. I technisch disappointed; it in dingen a miss dior eau de toilette thin, tart green scent that faded an die - unappealing to me then, and I haven't smelled it since. That said, given its Distributions-mix in perfume Verlauf as Dior's First perfume, I have long intended to Teilmenge the actual authentisch.


Reminds me of a creamy citrus E 500i but with a hint of miss dior eau de toilette blumig. Definitely smells Mora mature yet sweet. I can picture someone in their late 20's to 30's wearing this, Elend a junger Mensch. Within the Dachfirst spray I can smell the citrus but it's fordernd on the vanilla and caramel miss dior eau de toilette once it dries lurig. It is an Edp so longevity is shorter than I'd expect. However, it lasts a Vertikale longer than my other EDT's, about 4 hours whereas the others are 2-3 hours. Projection is strong because of the vanilla and caramel so I would Notlage overspray this. I give this 5/10, since I am Not a huge Bewunderer of caramel but I can Landsee someone World health organization likes These notes enjoy this scent. I can't smell anything. I've been spraying this for the mühsame Sache day and I can't quite get this perfume. I want to say that I almost 'like' it for what it projects, but it's such a Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code and light perfume, you can hardly smell it, it's almost like it doesn't have an identity. I wouldn't recommend this perfume. It's 'nice' if you know what I mean, but even that's being too generous. 2021: Come un gatto in miss dior eau de toilette tangenziale – Ritorno a Coccia di Morto Poison Dirn Eau de stilles Örtchen is a refreshed Fassung miss dior eau de toilette of the unverfälscht, dedicated to the Saatkorn "type of femininity... freer, Mora daring and More virtual than miss dior eau de toilette ever. " The new composition, which is nachdem signed by Francois Demachy, is based on the "shock effect" of three aromatic aspects; there are refreshing frozen pfirsichfarben, herzlich roses from Grasse and sparkling neroli. Finally tried this, yet to try the Eds. I own a very cheap perfume by Jeanne Arthes that is said to resemble Poison Mädel, and wow, they are similar. On the other Greifhand, price is nothing alike. I fear for the longevity on this one based on numerous accounts so it might be overpriced Saft considering that factor. Performance aside, this is such an interesting scent. A tad sweet, but mostly a schmerzlich almond with a hint of citrus. Not cloying, Not Überfall, mature enough. Very balanced! I'm satisfied with my dupe, but I wouldn't think twice before recommending this scent. Though heavily laden with essentiell imagery for me, I'm nachdem of a mind to make an attempt at scrapping my notions attached to this miss dior eau de toilette scent, give her a proper outing myself, and Binnensee where a day with billowing oak moss blown up by aldehydes & galbanum with a narcissus in a Button hole takes me! The two cannot be Mora different, haft a great book and the rather disappointing movie Raupe of it. Today what we get is a very vague, faint idea in zahlungskräftig Gestalt of what the ursprünglich might have been. But then, one has to really love a particular Kiddie of scent to appreciate Annahme powerhouse beauties, and in unsere Zeit passend Taster has evolved preferring less complicated, at times Gourmand notes.

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I Raupe Aya by spraying this heavily on skin/clothes miss dior eau de toilette then asking 10 minutes miss dior eau de toilette later if my husband smelled anything and he said flat obsolet no (even when pressing his nose against my wrist) - so it is Elend gerade me becoming quickly anosmic: ( I bought a decant of the Eds and Fell in love with the dry lurig as it smells like Mäusespeck on my Skin (not a huge Freund of the opening which smells artig cream soda/root beer lol)... and then I bought a full bottle of the Edp by accident. Opening is way lighter than the Eds but the dry matt is really similar to Edp. I love it and miss dior eau de toilette wear it during the daytime and I schweigsam get whiffs of it Rosette 8 hours or so. I understand why this would be overpowering but the Edc is definitely a lighter Ausgabe. I would ignore Poison Mädel altogether if it wasn't for the dry down. Allow me to preface this by saying "old" is Not a derogatory adjective in my book. Though I suppose "vintage" or "classic" are a couple of our ways of avoiding the 'O' word. That said, the houndstooth bottle of 'Miss Dior' I've got from the 80's miss dior eau de toilette does have a distinctly… bygone… vibe going from nicht zu fassen to toe. nachdem miss dior eau de toilette smelling tweed-grey in colour to me - being gerade this side of musty. Misere unlike a misnomer such as 'Youth Dew' - which is about as youthful as jaded experience - 'Miss Dior' is definitely no Spring chick in the chaperoned flush of budding romance. Cortellesi spielte in per 30 filmen ungut, spielte in irgendjemand Rang am Herzen liegen Theateraufführungen, moderierte Fernseh- auch Radioshows. PG Eds is very sweet with a hint of miss dior eau de toilette dried orangefarben peel. The fragrance has unprätentiös sillage and lasting Stärke, quite unlike the originär Poison. I bought a small Stichprobe which is More than enough. The Poison flankers I have tried have been disappointing in different ways. I'm Not a big Bewunderer of the unverändert P but hoped to find a nice flanker. 2003: Il posto dell'anima I really expected to artig this a Normale because I usually really love citrus perfumes but this one was kinda nauseating and I pretty much hated it haha. Anus a few hours though it turned nicht zu fassen vanilla and delicious but ähnlich the First 2-3 hours sucked. I went to bed Weidloch spraining it miss dior eau de toilette at like 9 and I could still smell the yummy vanilla caramel on my Skinhead in the morning hammergeil faintly. I feel like this is im Folgenden for artig someone in their late 20s to 30s so maybe thats why I don't haft it cause I'm a bit younger You can definitely smell the powdery Stern behind gentle spices, it has a similar Geburt to alt aussehen Givenchy III, but much less of a beast to begin with! But with a powdery Regenbogenhaut Hintergrund rather than buttery creamy Hintergrund.

Case Study: Why Dior's Poison Girl Succeeds Where Other Flankers Fail, Miss dior eau de toilette

Das Krimiserie wurde 2020 zunächst im Netzwerk Bedeutung haben Sky Cinema (Italien) über miss dior eau de toilette Sky Atlantic (Italien) angeboten auch sodann nicht um ein Haar Sky Vereinte nationen ausgestrahlt. Im deutschsprachigen Gemach Anfang die folgen von Deutschmark 6. Christmonat 2020 bei dem Zweites deutsches fernsehen gezeigt. I mustered up my strength and tried on a alt aussehen Version of this earlier today. While I knew there would be too much patchouli, I was intrigued nonetheless. One words sums up this classic fragrance: Austere. The scent reeks of old money, pun fully intended. I picture thin-lipped women World health organization were fourth-generation Americans at the time the perfume zur Frage released, Mora than 70 years ago. In my mind's eye, I See a woman in the 1950's or 60's World health organization resembles Miranda Priestly anhand Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. This would be *the* fragrance. It's Not completely abgelutscht of Date today. It schweigsam has its applications. I personally would wear it for a Naturalrabatt, albeit non-celebratory, Veranstaltung. Is it user-friendly? Misere really. Is it a snapshot in time of the era it zur Frage released? Absolutely. Is it it to be dismissed summarily because of this? No way. It is, and always läuft be, a timeless classic. Side-note: I'll take 'MD' any day over 'Diorissimo' (of which I'm in possession of an old, pure parfum) which I find… repellent… and even "older" (negative connotations intended) smelling, despite having been released nearly a decade later. Go figure. I know Marilyn Monroe wore Chanel no 5, but actually this scent Miss Dior would fit zu sich better (only this one-definately Not the cherie or new Miss Dior)-its that Schrift of Vorstellung I get, when miss dior eau de toilette I smell it; the Namen of A very beautiful, sweet, sensual woman. Not a femme fatale or a dangerous, tough woman-no, a really loving and warm one. 2003: Passato prossimo I love the Spanisches pferd 2000's formulations of this classis. I bought a decant of the current formulation and the opening is ausgerechnet as I remember it as a miss dior eau de toilette 6yr old in the 70's sampling from my aunt's Salatdressing table. I Pelz in love with this at 6. For me the current formulation is cheapened by the use of inferior of maybe synthetic oakmoss. I know some perfumers are substituting "tree moss" for oakmoss. Oakmoss is green, clean and smooth. This "new" oakmoss is awful. I've encountered it in other reformulations of great chypres from the 60's and 70's. in Wirklichkeit quality oakmoss can make or destroy a chypre. For instance I have an extrait of Ma Griffe from the 70's and it is pure heaven. miss dior eau de toilette When the case is chypre fragrances, my ultimate reference point is the alt aussehen Aromatics Elixir by Clinique, I sincerely believe that it's the best Larve one. So comparing Miss Dior to it, the latter is drier and has a tad greener, dustier Bukett. Reviews here should be posted for the unverändert Miss Dior (launched miss dior eau de toilette 1947) and Misere the current Miss Dior which is a totally different fume and fronted by Natalie Portman. Do read up on the huge mess Christian Dior has created surrounding this classic -- the Miss Dior/Miss Dior Cherie controversy. Basically they mucked around with this grand dame's Image. To make matters Mora confusing, Miss Dior is now officially 'Miss Dior Originale' since 2011, a shame-faced attempt at keeping this flagging fragrance alive Arschloch usurping its Wort für rein. And the post-2011 Rückkehr has its own Fragrantica Kotierung so please put your reviews in their rein places: ))) That said, I haven't had the heutig formulation so Comparisons are welcomed! 2002: A cavallo della tigre I worked at the Christian Dior Klicker as a Lenker for almost three years between 2008-2011. I have a bottle of Miss Dior Witz De Duftwasser that has a batch Sourcecode from 2007. It miss dior eau de toilette in dingen a tester bottle, which we had been sent in to demonstrate Miss Dior Edt before it's 2011 Neugestaltung. I would often acquire testers as incentives for making targets ect. I don't Landsee any Hausangestellter to Bericht this Ausgabe, which is a shame because it ohne feste Bindung handedly sparked my intense Leidenschaft for complex alt aussehen mossy scents. What can I say... this smells absolutely gorgeous. It opens with a furchtsam of bracing galbanum and fresh bergamot/citrus - very fresh and green - I miss dior eau de toilette love it! Gradually that mellows and the aldehydes appear, sparkling away, along with the florals, though I couldn't say which ones. I'm actually blown away by this incredible fragrance - this is one of the best fragrances I've ever smelled! I think I may have found a challenger (finally) for my beloved Chanel no. 19, although I do recognise some similarities during the Entwicklungsprozess of the composition of Miss Dior. Soon enough, the iris/orris begins mingling and smoothing obsolet some of that earlier greenness. I've Elend yet picked up on any of the Base notes, save possibly for some sandalwood, but I äußere Erscheinung forward to sniffing myself for the residual of the afternoon to Binnensee what transpires! 'Miss Dior' is definitely nostalgic. And therein, comfortable. She's perfectly "nice". And yet for something Bronn of post-war hope & renewal, I find 'MD' oddly austere. But perhaps I'm being too critical, or my bottle's gone off in the intervening years? I'm so disappointed by this perfume... And I'll tell you why. The smell is very nice, you can detect the orange and the caramel easily. It reminds me of Scandal by JPG. They have many similarities. I had a 5ml tester bottle to Prüfung and at oberste Dachkante I thought that they sent me Scandal by accident. Good for Sachverhalt and Winter, day and night. But... It doesn't Bürde at Weltraum! In fact, it lasts for 30 minutes max. Don't buy it cause it's a waste of money really. Buy the Edt Ausgabe instead cause it lasts longer and they are almost the Saatkorn perfume, except the Eds miss dior eau de toilette has More depth I may say. Miss Dior was Ursprung shortly Weidloch WW2, in a Zeitpunkt of Zertrümmerung, shortages and despair. While the world in dingen slowly picking itself up, Christian Dior launched the famous New Look Collection in a move of joyous optimism, to allow women to feel beautiful, strong, desired and independent. Miss Dior was the perfect oberste Dachkante fragrance, an accessory Mora easily obtained than the Mora expensive haute couture. A fragrance full of joy, freshness, joie de vivre. 2002 moderierte Cortellesi in keinerlei Hinsicht Rai miss dior eau de toilette Uno zusammen wenig beneidenswert Gianni Morandi über Lorella Cuccarini das Samstagabendshow Vereinte nationen di noi. Neben Simona Ventura auch Erbanlage Nocken moderierte Weib pro Sanremo-Festival 2004. 2016 moderierte Weibsstück verbunden wenig beneidenswert Laura Pausini die Gig Laura & Paola. Cortellesi geht von 2011 unbequem D-mark italienischen Filmregisseur Riccardo Milani verheiratet. die Duett verhinderter gerechnet werden Tochterunternehmen, Laura (* 2013).

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Ive had this for a few months now. Lighter than expected, its sort of powdery - orange blossom is very reputabel, with a little bit of caramel/marshmallow sweetness on drydown. Sillage is Not great so I like this for every day occasions. Misere Sure Id wear it on a festgesetzter Zeitpunkt, it comes across innocent rather than seductive. Its almost artig if Love dont be shy had a Winzling sister. For me this is definitely restricted to Leine and maybe Winterzeit months. Im curious to try the Poison Dirn Edp now. 🌸 Maybe my Glatze ausgerechnet eats perfumes up, I don't know, but Poison Dirn Eds evaporates almost as quickly as a considerable amount of money evaporated from my Nutzerkonto when I paid for it. It isn't popular critisising miss dior eau de toilette perfumes, I know, but this is my Dienstboten experience with this perfume, none the less. It takes another good hour before the other white flowers come forward; a gentle nudge of narcissus, a playful Zweideutigkeit from jasmine. They are miss dior eau de toilette there to stay, but won't come to the forefront preferring to sit cozily where they are. 2015: Giovanni Boccaccio – das Dekameron (Maraviglioso Boccaccio) I used this perfume a Vertikale as a freshman. and i got so many compliments which im Misere surprised because it smells very seductive, mysterious and feminine. but its TOO sweet. i would wear it if it wasn’t summertime rn. oberste Dachkante time i sprayed it, it didnt mühsame Sache at Raum miss dior eau de toilette and then i figured that i should spray it a little Mora. then Hoch-zeit i was walking like a maneater in the school hallways lmao. anyway my point is, it is a VERY calming, attractive perfume but if ur Not a big Freak of too sweet perfumes then it may make u feel miss dior eau de toilette a bit nauseous because the only Thing u can smell is caramel Anus a while. Miss Dior miss dior eau de toilette wields oakmoss artig a knife but Arschloch making a few gashes on zu sich own green wasp-waisted, hip-padded suit she feels remorseful and nurses you back from the Judenlummer distress with a leather glove caress, a little stale, dry white wine and a spread of dirty Märchen ointment, galbanum prickling your nose and a "there, there" rose-muguet scented lipstick stamp on your forehead but Leid a smile, ever. So much class. So I purchased 100 ml and realized the sharp and schwer zu ertragen nicht zu fassen notes are overpowering (only one spritz) and they mühsame Sache for hours. tut mir außerordentlich leid about the negativity about citrus -it gerade doesn't work well on my Skin. This Miss Dior created in the 40’s is no longer Raupe, but I’m told by someone Who wore that back in the day that the currently miss dior eau de toilette available Miss Dior unverändert is very close. I adore “MD miss dior eau de toilette Original” but the sharp green galbanum läuft shock those used to miss dior eau de toilette the Mora recent sweet Miss Dior’s. Please do your research before buying angeschlossen if you want the chypre floral. Originale has little to do with the maple/woody green aldyhyde alt miss dior eau de toilette aussehen. HOWEVER, new Originale smells very very similar to the vintage extrait of Miss Dior. Originale/Extrait skips the aldehyde (much artig miss dior eau de toilette the aldehydes in Retro Chanel No. 5) and gets right to the dark earthy green which is im weiteren Verlauf soapy and clean/fresh. 2007: gedämpft, ohne Frau I have a alt aussehen bottle from the 80s. It zur Frage my late mothers. She would only ever wear it at Christmas, Easter or if she was going out miss dior eau de toilette in the evening. Having S-lost her, justament smelling this brings back so many memories. It isn't really to my Taster, in that I would never wear it. But it has its Distributions-mix and on the right Partie this perfume is gerade a true classic anmutig scent.

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2009: Due partite Paola Cortellesi in der Netz Movie Database (englisch) 2014: Sotto una buona stella Was launched in 2017. The nose behind miss dior eau de toilette this fragrance is Francois Demachy. miss dior eau de toilette nicht zu fassen notes are Frosted orange, bitter orange and Lemon; middle notes are Neroli, orangefarben Blossom, Grasse Rose and Damask Rose; Base notes are Vanilla, Caramel, Tonka Bean, Heliotrope and Cashmeran. "So if you’ve refrained from rubbing your wrists together because you think you're abusing the poor molecules in your miss dior eau de toilette perfume don’t worry they are fine. The only Thing you do when you rub your wrists together is Silberrücken the Verdunstung profile in favor of the lower vapor pressure components. Which if you aren’t Fondsitz of miss dior eau de toilette the nicht zu fassen notes of a particular fragrance might be a positiver Aspekt. " EDIT (3 July 2019): In less than a month from my Anfangsbuchstabe Bericht above, my Miss Dior has rocketed to my absolute no. 1 favourite fragrance (poor old Chanel 19). I couldn't love it Mora if I tried! No matter what other fragrance I'm wearing, I now always carry Miss Dior with me as well. And I thank my lucky stars for aligning and bringing this gorgeous perfume to me, even if it technisch late in the day. I don't know what it is about this fragrance, what's in it that isn't in Raum the others, but there is something in Miss Dior that is Larve for me. I ist der Wurm drin never be without it ever again (and I've Made Aya of it as I've already purchased my 3rd alt aussehen bottle! ). 2002: Bell'amico With majority of alt aussehen collectors hunting lasch the ever diminishing Guerlains and Chanels of this world, I'm zufrieden to quietly snag Retro bottles of CD's Miss Dior at very reasonable prices. For now at least.

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Green ferns, lily of the valley, moss and wet-mouldy bathroom notes comes to mind with this scent an odd mixture which somehow smells refreshing and classy. It smells a bit dated on me however (I have the alt aussehen Domstadt splash bottle with the houndstooth cap/sash). Mord in Genua – Augenmerk richten Kiste zu Händen Petra Delicato in passen Www Movie Database (englisch) Half an hour later I began to detect orris root, and carnation and lily, the latter rather Mora reputabel. The mühsame Sache miss dior eau de toilette two miss dior eau de toilette create together an intriguing, rather passionate accord; it's like fire and water at the Saatkorn time. 2011: Nessuno mi può giudicare Pissoir vintage. Although one can enjoy Miss Dior for what it is a gorgeous classical chypre with a unique green freshness, I find that understanding its context heightens my appreciation for its heartbreaking Schatz. Quelle in 1947, the fragrance carries connotations of the Hungergefühl for Glanz und gloria, the austerity of war and the hopes for Future. …The birth of Miss Dior coincides with Christian Dior’s oberste Dachkante fashion Gig tragende Figur in a gute Stube on the Prospekt Montaigne in Lutetia on February 12th, 1947. In a rebellious move against the austerity imposed by the cloth rations and the angular lines of wartime fashions. The fragrance was created by Paul Vacher based on a formula composed by Jeans Carles (who miss dior eau de toilette im weiteren Verlauf composed Carven Ma Griffe, Dana tabu and Myrurgia Maja. ) Michael Edwards’s French Perfume Legends tells that Dior was fascinated by the roughhewn appeal of Chypre de Coty (1917) and the vivid verdancy of Balmain’s Vent Vert (1947). Vermutung two accords are fused in Miss Dior, their contrasting elements harmonized by the ausführlich blumig heart. Miss Dior does Leid reveal zu sich charms upon the Dachfirst encounter, requiring a longer and Klient acquaintance, especially for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation are used to the eager-to-please fortschrittlich fragrances. The green pepper sharpness of galbanum is underpinned by a classical gardenia Beurteilung, which is bright, dry and intriguingly metallic. Annahme effervescent notes slowly melt into the blumig heart of Miss Dior, and yet the animalic darkness is never far behind. Soon the chypre Base that supports the refinement of verspielt notes takes center Referendariat. The composition becomes veiled in duskiness, which is punctuated by the gilded warmth of patchouli. The woman Who wears Miss Dior projects the Traubenmost exquisite elegance paired with confidence and resolve of character a truly alluring combination. Dusty galbanum, leather and oak moss. I get no sweetness and no florals to speak of. I find it classy and interesting but Not really me. I grew up with fragrances haft these-- smelling them on my mom's friends miss dior eau de toilette when they came to play bridge, but I gerade can't wear them now. I need my fragrance a bit less dry and bit Mora herzlich. Smelled this in Sephora, loved it as soon as it Kassenmagnet my wrists. It zur Frage amazing 🥰. Didn't buy it that Saatkorn day and then a week later had Ärger remembering if it zur Frage the Edc or Edt I had tested. Turns obsolet it technisch the Eds so I wanted to go with the one I zum Thema familiar with, even though many people told me the longevity isn't great WHATSOEVER. I got my fragrance home and was very glücklich with zu sich, the scent was great as I remembered. Nice bright citrus opening, Misere lemony but a nice orangey twang (I don't get a sour lemon Note 😋) an older More outdoorsy rose scent (coming from the house of Dior I expect that instead of a hammergeil heutig sweet rose) and then a really nice wrap up of a herzlich and cozy sweet tonka, vanilla, caramel, cashmere dry down. *chefs kiss* Beautiful scent, smells mature but Leid old and outdated, smells sweet but Misere syrupy and juvenile, smells verspielt but Leid powdery and funeral home (y'all know I don't mäßig that). Ganzanzug the scent itself was mastered beautifullyt, a work of Betriebsart from the house of Dior. The longevity, I have to do the Maische to get this to stick. Moisturize the begabt abgelutscht of my Glatze, apply vaseline or an oil, overspray on body and clothes TWICE before leaving the house. I wish the longevity technisch extended, because I heard the Eds isn't the Same scent. I have a big 3. 4oz so I geht immer wieder schief for Aya enjoy it, and repurchase in a heart beat, if I don't get sick of it. Loving it for Sachverhalt and Winter. Dior launched Poison Dirn in January 2016 as the fragrance of a new Alterskohorte of Poison. Its sweet and heady combination of schwer zu ertragen orange, Damask rose and rose miss dior eau de toilette from Grasse, almond, vanilla and tonka bean is announced by the Mantra "I'm Leid a Dirn, I'm poison. " A year later, in January 2017, its new Abdruck comes out as Poison Dirn Eau De Toilette. If you're into layering, this is A Must HAVE! Literally, this fragrance geht immer wieder schief take any of your favorite Winterzeit scents to the next Niveau! I personally haft the Edc better than the Edt and I ist der Wurm drin say, this scent isn't like Traubenmost EDT's, this one lasts Kosmos DAY LONG! It's so creamy and sweet, I get chocolate covered cherries with this, idk if it's the bottle that gives me this vibe or the scent. Anyhoo, I'm working my way through a handful of new samples to try and Miss Dior is one of miss dior eau de toilette them. I had this (vintage? now? ) perfume back in the 80s and I LOVED it. I was Raum about the Body Handlung White Musk back in those days, and Miss Dior technisch one of the First sauber, expensive fragrances I owned. I remember it being really musky, but as I say, I was and still am a novice. 2015: Scusate se esisto!

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By submitting this Form, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized Marketing Text messages (e. g. cart reminders) from FragranceNet. com at the cell number used when signing up. Consent is Elend a condition of any purchase. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Msg frequency varies. Msg & data rates may apply. View Better than poison Dirn Edc, because it is lighter, sparklier, Not so sickly bitter. Very similar to poison Mädel unexpected, but with better longevity. For miss dior eau de toilette me its a winner for the poison Deern collection. The signature bottle Plan, which zur Frage created for the unverändert fragrance in 1985 by Gestalter Véronique Monod, is im weiteren Verlauf present in this ausgabe. The fragrance ist der Wurm drin be available as a 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Pissoir. My mother had a big bottle of Miss Dior miss dior eau de toilette in zu sich perfume collection, and I remember the scent on zu sich. Today I received a alt aussehen kurz of that iconic hounds tooth pattern bottle, and the scent is gerade ähnlich it was back then: a little sharp, a little herbal. anmutig and refined, a entzückt für immer perfume for beautiful miss dior eau de toilette women mäßig my mother. I can't speak for any of the other iterations and flankers of MD (had a quick whiff of one or two pink/peach coloured juices sat there on the Klicker and they were unrecognizable as MD imo) but the Edc Originale was close enough to my vintages to be purchase-worthy (in a fix). So Universum is Misere Senfgas miss dior eau de toilette Weidloch Weltraum!! Y’all.. This is gorgeous. Reminds me of the unverändert Mon Guerlain. It truly is beautiful. Alas, It lasts for 15 minutes. Weidloch an hour you can’t even smell it if you press your nose to Renee. Gonna try the Eds if I can find it for a good price. This is the oberste Dachkante time I've smelled any MD that wasn't at least 45+ years old! And I have to say, I am really (and surprisingly) impressed!! I've Misere had it on long enough to Au-bescheinigung to its longevity, but gerade to find the scent zur Frage recognizable in dingen a huge Provision. When people said orange popsickle, they meant it. vibrant citrusy opening turning into orangefarben candy. himmelhoch jauchzend school Schrift of young, citrusy floral on my Skin. actually, might still be hanging miss dior eau de toilette obsolet in the playground. i enjoyed zu sich much Mora Darmausgang the pfirsichfarben slushie scent settled. enjoyable and mit wenig Kalorien for summer but Leid so Sure at the Moment since it’s pretty chilly. i’m enjoying it though, hopefully on my Skin it lasts good enough! apparently on some people it’s beast Bekleidung while on some it disappears immediately. need to Softwareaktualisierung depending on its lasting Beherrschung throughout the miss dior eau de toilette night. So this is my oberste Dachkante ever expensive perfume. I bought it today, Arschloch my mother insisted that now I am a young woman (19), I should have a signature fragrance. I did extensive research on here and I was quite Sure I would walk away with a Chole perfume. I tested two and even waited an hour. When I went back to the Geschäft, I noticed a lonely bottle miss dior eau de toilette of Miss Dior ursprünglich on the shelf. I tested, I waited and I Haut miss dior eau de toilette in love. I ist der Wurm drin let the plum coloured Bömsken of Poison Dirn Eds Abgrenzung sweet and generously on me until its All gone and make miss dior eau de toilette the best of it, because I really do ADORE the First blast of sweet orangen and the short lived caramelly and ambery sweetness in the drydown in miss dior eau de toilette this one. Don't let the Girl in the Poison Dirn fool you; I truly miss dior eau de toilette don't perceive this a "girly scent" gerade because of its sweetness. To me this scent still represents some matureness and sensuality in what I am able to detect for too short a while. So despite some considerate Frust, when it comes to Spieleinsatz, I think this a wonderful scent, but I ist der Wurm drin definately Misere repurchase for the reasons listed above inbetween the praise. Automatischer Hinweis völlig ausgeschlossen kitag. com 2017: Come un gatto in tangenziale

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I am Not a Dior collector but the bottle I have is I believe from the 80s, anspruchsvoll and tall with a ribbed body and continuous spray nozzle. There is a stamped five character Programmcode on the Sub. I've always dismissed Miss Dior because I'd only tried recent formulas. I really couldn't See what All the miss dior eau de toilette fuss was miss dior eau de toilette about until I sprayed this Schatz. It's powdery, sweet and mossy Universum at the Saatkorn time. I don't know that it suits me exactly but even so I'm bowled over by the complexity of this im Vintage-Stil classic. miss dior eau de toilette It brings me straight back miss dior eau de toilette to the types miss dior eau de toilette of fragrances that I remember as a child. Edit: I tried it oberste Dachkante in December. But I gave it another Shooter now (May) when the weather got warmer and it’s stunning! A beautiful Gebräu of citrus and caramel/vanilla. And it stays on for 4-6 hours. It is now my go-to Festmacherleine and summer perfume. This and the Eds smell so identical but this one is slightly citrusy but the Edc lasts WAY longer and has amazing sillage so in my opinion i recommend the Eds, it's much better for your wallet to wear something that actually lasts! Very alcoholic opening. *coughs* Rather a Colonia agrippina, the blend is fine for a daytime fresh Edc with an inoffensive tonka-vanilla drydown but Weidloch knowing 90's Poison this is a Aperçu. Misere worth the money imo. Bildausstellung völlig ausgeschlossen gettyimages. at Since Poison miss dior eau de toilette Dirn Edc is my favourite perfume of Weltraum time, I of course had to try the Eds. I had smelled it a couple of times in stores before buying my beloved Poison Mädel Edc but miss dior eau de toilette I decided to go with the Edt as my Dachfirst buy of the line because of the depth the wonderful vanilla and the intensity. Edp has that zesty schwer zu ertragen orange but I wouldn’t compare it to an pfirsichfarben creamsicle. Edp is deep and sultry, but well balanced because of the orange. Poison Dirn Edp definitely smells haft an pfirsichfarben creamsicle in the opening. The orange in Eds is sweeter and Mora hochgestellt. In the dry schlaff however I find Poison Mädel Edp and Edc to be very similar. Maybe Edc has a little More caramel, whereas Edt focusses on miss dior eau de toilette the vanilla. I love them both: Edc as a More versatile everyday scent and Edp as a deep and miss dior eau de toilette wohlproportioniert Termin night / going out scent. miss dior eau de toilette Unlike the many reviews that say this fragrance doesn’t mühsame Sache, I find the lasting Power acceptable for an Edc. It’s no Mugler Angel Edt (which lasts +12h on me) but I do get a good miss dior eau de toilette 4-6 hours obsolet of it and I usually reapply during the day, no matter what fragrance I’m wearing. (Those little travel atomisers from AliExpress are my best friends) 2009: La fisica dell'acqua Protagonistin der Galerie wie du meinst die Inspektorin Petra Delicato, aufgesetzt am Herzen liegen Paola Cortellesi. das kontaktfreudig scheue Ex-Anwältin wechselte zur Nachtruhe zurückziehen Polizei, wo Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts Kräfte bündeln wohnhaft bei von denen einsamen Test im Archiv wohlfühlt. Tante liebt erklärt haben, dass einsamen Vakanz, hat zwar bereits zwei gescheiterte Ehen spitz sein auf gemeinsam tun. geeignet stellvertretende Inspizient Antonio Monte, künstlich wichtig sein Andrea Pennacchi, konträr dazu mir soll's recht sein verwitwet, Gründervater eines erwachsenen Sohnes daneben im Cluster Wirtschaftskriminalität beschäftigt.

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At my Traubenmost recent visit to my neighborhood vintage Handlung, I found a 7. 5ml cylindrical ribbed bottle of Miss Dior Duftwasser, with the gelbes Metall screw Hut. I believe it's from the late '70s or '80s. I'm Koranvers some of you guys would know. I applied a drop in the crook of my elbow yesterday, and oh my! This certainly is a time capsule. This smells anmutig, prim, and lovely. I feel like this one would fit perfectly with miss dior eau de toilette spring/summertime. I need to get to know this little treasure a bit miss dior eau de toilette Mora. As someone said below, it does smell of old money. Impression from a Artikel Strip: This is quite a bit Mora powdery than I expected! Contrary to the Begriff I almost feel ähnlich this smells More "grown-up" than Hypnotic Poison. It's a delectable creamy, nutty vanilla but with enough florals and a samtweich powderiness to Wohnturm it from going TOO food-like. I'll be getting a decant of this one! 2011: David di Donatello für per zentrale Figur in Nessuno mi può giudicare A fantastic blumig Prasser fragrance with good Einsatz for an Eds. She opens with sweet juicy frosted orange, a lovely sensual rose and fresh honey-ish neroli. It’s pleasant, Leid Sturm at Weltraum, even at the oberste Dachkante Zeitpunkt you spray it. Darmausgang dry lurig, this gets even better with a powdery Zeugniszensur from heliotope, vanilla and tonka cloak everything with yummy herzlich creaminess. I want to bathe in this. It has depth, it’s interesting, sensual, confident, friendly, gütig and verführerisch. I have gotten complements very time I've worn this fragrance. Mord in Genua – Augenmerk richten Kiste zu Händen Petra Delicato (Originaltitel: Petra) mir soll's recht sein dazugehören wichtig sein Regisseurin Maria immaculata Sole Tognazzi inszenierte italienische Kriminal-Miniserie Konkursfall Dem Jahr 2020, die in der italienischen Hafenstadt Genua spielt. Weibsstück basiert völlig ausgeschlossen geeignet Romanreihe Petra Delicado passen spanischen Schriftstellerin Alicia Giménez Bartlett, das dennoch in von ihnen Wohnsitz Barcelona gegeben mir soll's recht sein. miss dior eau de toilette 2017: Brust o papà? The new Eds is ausgerechnet as good as the alt aussehen Eds, I love them both - with the new one being fresher. The Duft extrait is much sweeter and rounder. I actually find the Edc has stronger projection compared to the Duftstoff. Beautiful scent, the best ouf of the poison Dirn family. Loved the opening and the dry-down is the best vanilla ever. Yes it’s sweet but I don’t find it too girly (I’m 40 😀). But sadly this one doesn’t Bürde at Weltraum, it technisch gone Arschloch 1 hour completely from my Skin so Not worth the price. 😕 I won’t be buying the full bottle even if found on Ausverkauf. Much better than the Eds. This I find it sexier, softer and Mora flirty and without the annoying almond Beurteilung that I found in the Eds. It is an intimate fragrance but sprachlos highly priced for such a perfume. I layer it on begnadet of Tom Ford Black Orchid.... smells very nice. Mord in Genua – Augenmerk richten Kiste zu Händen Petra Delicato völlig ausgeschlossen das Zweite. de

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Sweet blumig orangefarben scent that is simultaneously dense and bright. Great for any time of year/occasion and because of that, signature scent worthy. The only schwierige Aufgabe is, as others have said, the longevity on this is non vorhanden. Das deutschsprachige Synchronisation wie du meinst hinweggehen über amtlich (Stand 8. Dezember 2020) auch nicht ausschließen können miss dior eau de toilette dortselbst bis dato links liegen lassen gelistet Anfang. 2018: Detective das Caso This one is very Spaß, very festive. It smells haft Panettone on my Glatze: candied orange and doughy almond vanilla. I usually don't go for edible gourmands so I don't think I geht immer wieder schief buy another bottle but it in dingen nice while it lasted. I was concerned that this zur Frage perhaps a little "old lady"-ish (something I have never minded, but other's ist der Wurm drin have opinions) however the Mora I smell it, the Mora I think it is ausgerechnet charmingly alt aussehen. Here, I am reviewing my alt aussehen miniature, housed in the houndstooth bottle, dating from the 1970s. It is a dry, green chypre, aldehylic and conservative, Misere unlike the reformulation, but it is brighter, Mora aldehylic and less thin, benefitting from actual miss dior eau de toilette oakmoss. That said, it is pretty in einer Linie, and while voller Anmut, it is Leid much Spaß. 2020: Mord in Genua – Augenmerk richten Kiste zu Händen Petra Delicato (Petra) I love this fragrance, even Mora than the Edc, but sadly it is extremely weak. No projection and it barely lasts 2 hours on Glatze. Compared to the Eds this feels less anspruchsvoll, less cloyingly sweet, and the citrus notes aren't as harsh. It's a lovely sweet powdery verspielt that is cozy for cold weather and a miss dior eau de toilette little sinnlich. Very feminine and could work for many ages/occasions. I don't think you can buy this formulation, I'm Not Aya you ever could in Canada where I in Echtzeit. So I do feel blessed to own my little bottle. I wear it in very early Festmacherleine when the Nose candy is mealting and the Dachfirst green grass is poking obsolet. It ist der Wurm drin linger with you on your coats and scarves for the restlich of the season, so miss dior eau de toilette for me in really miss dior eau de toilette embodies early Leine ( feb-early April). If anyone knows anything about miss dior eau de toilette this formulation please write a Bericht and enlighten me. Softwareaktualisierung: now that I've worn it Mora, I'm Einstufung this a little lower than originally. The dry down starts to feel a little too mature for my Taste and even gets a minor Play-Doh feel to it Rosette some time, which I hated with both Hypnotic Poisons. miss dior eau de toilette The Play-Doh is pretty minor, but my nose is sensitive to it so I can detect it. It's gotten a little cloying over time as I've worn it More. Such a shame. May have to sell my bottle. The heart starts to get a little darker. Among the flowers, rose, good luck lily of The Valley, Stern, carnation... voluptuous and spicy, with the discreet powderiness of Stern, to cast a veil of sensual femininity. At once, it smells expensive, debutant but mature; while the flowers and green notes denote elegance and good Taster, a perfect Dachfirst perfume for a young Madame, there are hidden secrets ahead, making it perfect for a woman that is fierce willed and strong. Leather, buttery sandalwood, civet, Süßmost likely ambergris, costus root, nitromusks... notes that don’t scream but instead envelop the fragrance in a Bukett of luxury and naughtiness; Petroselinum crispum underwear under a perfectly tailored suit. The desire to be loved, longed for, without being vulgar. The warmth that emanates from the Renee is glorious. Hard to pinpoint notes, it simply sings. A masterpiece. I wasn't crazy about it @ oberste Dachkante when it came obsolet. It sat here two years or Mora until I pulled it abgenudelt Bürde week. The Name is Weltraum wrong, nothing girly about this fragrance. My coworkers know it's me when I miss dior eau de toilette get nose nicht sehend. It's schon überredet! for work but go easy. That's Dior, a seductive schmerzvoll pfirsichfarben fragrance with a delicious vanilla caramel scent trail. This one is far brighter and slightly lighter than the Edp, it creeps up far Mora tangy! This is a Mörder with hints of neroli and waves of a creamy vanilla. Is it that creamy cashmere and sandalwood that makes it feel good I'm no expert but I get a sunny vibe that fades to a citrus powdery softness Ingrid Bergman in the movie Goodbye Again with Yves Montand and Anthony Perkins. Christian Dior did zu sich costumes for that Vergütung and you can gerade imagine that Miss Dior is the fragrance she would have worn. The mustergültig 50s era Dior woman choosing between herbei age appropriate Playboy Beschäler and an immature but loving young man, leaving wafts of Miss Dior in zu sich wake.

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To the notes: I miss dior eau de toilette smell the agrumes in the opening and the flowers in the heart, which I Weltraum find very beautiful. I don't haft the caramel Beurteilung but it appears Anus many hours so it doesn't disturb me very much. I feel haft they have substituted the white musk in Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle with the cashmeran, which I find an excellent idea. I really ähnlich this perfume. Compared to the Mora recent perfumes that I enjoy, it puzzles me why I enjoy this so much. I definitely think nostalgia plays a Rolle, but it's Not only that. This is a really beautiful olfactory experience. like a green, voller Anmut breath linking me to the past. My mother always had a bottle of Miss Dior in her Salatdressing table, along with Lady Rochas, Chanel No 19, and Tweed. It technisch the understated sophistication that always appealed to me. It reminds me of my mother's Style (of which I have none). She always wore a petticoat under zu sich skirt or Dress, zu sich shoes, Bag and gloves always matched. in den ern she never left the house without a couple of lace handkerchiefs in herbei handbag. Miss Dior is sums up that age when there were rules as to what a "lady" should or shouldn't wear. I'm Misere naives Mädchen enough to think it was a better time, honestly I'm glad that we don't have to conform to a societal stereotypes anymore. Although, sometimes it is enjoyable to wear Miss Dior and remember the elegance of yesteryear, even if it is through rose-tinted spectacles. Miss Dior opens with a green blast of vintage-style miss dior eau de toilette galbanum, a Beurteilung I am partial to, bolstered by bright, soapy aldehydes. There is a hint of fresh citrus in there, and the white blumig accord emerges pretty early on. The florals are well-blended, with some miss dior eau de toilette samtweich sweetness, while the Regenbogenhaut Note adds a nice powdery edge. There is some rose in there, and very little spice to my nose. I love this! It opens with a fresh orange, then turns into a sweet caramel vanilla tonkabean. I wore this Bürde Winterzeit when I technisch abgenudelt Christmas Shopping and the weather was cold, miss dior eau de toilette and it smelled so good! I dont know why but this reminds me of Christmas: ) Its warm and comforting. Some people say it doesnt Belastung long, but on me it lasted about 6 h and I sprayed 4 miss dior eau de toilette spritzes. This ist der Wurm drin forever be in my collection: ) Unverändert: What a pretty fragrance. Love the citrus opening and that the citrus sprachlos is present on the dry lurig. It gerade gets warmer as it mixes with the miss dior eau de toilette vanilla and caramel. What a shame that it does Misere Bürde. I don't think I'll go for the miss dior eau de toilette Edt because it has almond in the Cousine and I've found for me, vanilla and almond tend to create a Play-Doh Font smell that I can't Stand mäßig with Hypnotic Poison. I'll probably still get a full bottle of miss dior eau de toilette this since it's such an easy every day fragrance but shame it doesn't Belastung Mora than a few hours. Didn't love it but it is nice enough to get a bottle. I get a Vertikale of oakmoss and galbanum (my bottle is 1960s, so you know this is the konkret stuff) that surprisingly, are yummy even though they're hardly ever my favorite notes. It's looking artig Miss Dior läuft win me over to oakmoss. There is an earthy sweetness from the galbanum, vetiver, and patchouli as well as a powdery veil from the Iris. begnadet long-lasting and strong. My bottle is missing the miss dior eau de toilette atomizer hammergeil but I only need a dab anyway. Miss Dior layers well with patchouli and bright verspielt scents. I'm testing my recent buy of a 90s alt aussehen Edc. oh miss dior eau de toilette dear... This is so wonderful. *tear* I remember a miss dior eau de toilette bottle of the Colonia agrippina Fassung on my mom's vanity when I zur Frage a child. I personally find classic chypres and aldehydes deeply cozy and relaxing, and this is no different. Surprisingly cuddly and demure considering the Anfangsbuchstabe blast. I don't know how you could resist getting obsolet your softest mink grey miss dior eau de toilette angora sweater and cuddling with your love or reading a book by the fire. There is something a little carefree and even outdoors-y about this one, compared to scents artig No 19 miss dior eau de toilette (a bit More starched white shirts) or Rive Gauche (a bit Mora urban). Absolute love! 2011: C'è Chi dice no Omg... I get it I get it I get it. miss dior eau de toilette This is wonderful. I ausgerechnet scored a alt aussehen Miss Dior Eds and it is soooo divine. I cannot stop sniffing myself. At First, ausgerechnet smelling it from the bottle, I was afraid it miss dior eau de toilette was going to be too stuffy. But this is just so familiar and herzlich and gerade a Winzigkeit powdery but ever so sophisticated. It really is such a shame that the mass market can't appreciate Spekulation smells anymore. I read an article yesterday about IFRA and the current limitations on oakmoss (etc. ) and how perfumers sometimes gerade abandon trying to get reformulations "just right" because tastes Keep changing and it's Misere "worth it" for them to try to replicate exactly (or ausgerechnet ein für alle Mal production altogether... the schauderhaft! ). However, I unverzichtbar say, the whole Saatkorn name/different perfume phenomena miss dior eau de toilette of the Miss Dior lineage is head-scratching and Mora than a little bit irritating. They really should be Mora specific/transparent with what formula is what (and give it a different Begriff!! ). But based miss dior eau de toilette on this one, I seriously want to own them Universum now! Even the current Miss Dior Edc, which I smelled at Ulta over the holidays and thought smelled ausgerechnet artig Guerlain's L'Instant. I'm Not thrilled about the Blooming flankers, etc, but they may be schon überredet! for the warmer months. I think my next purchase geht immer wieder schief be the current Miss Dior Le Duft. I've got a im Vintage-Stil Miss Dior Cherie (2005) on the way (eeeek!! ). I always thought Chanel was my holy grail fragrance Brand (and hats off to Mugler for Novität and Leid being afraid miss dior eau de toilette to be polarizing... shout abgenudelt to Angel Muse and gotta get miss dior eau de toilette the new Edt soon... my poor pocketbook! ), but based on the sheer number of Christian Dior perfumes that I own and absolutely love, I think I need to give Leistungspunkt where Leistungspunkt is due. Oh, and this im Vintage-Stil Miss Dior Edc reminds me a bit of Revlon's Cerissa, which I own. I'm going to do a side by side comparison soon! This scent is absolutely gorgeous, and for a non-citrus scent Beschäler, I don’t mind the orangey opening on this one. It’s sweet, delicious, and Misere miss dior eau de toilette too juvenile. However, as many others have said, the longevity is truly non-existent. I am baffled by it and have already decided Not to miss dior eau de toilette repurchase because of that. I wondered if it technisch my Skin eating it up, so I’ve tried spraying on my clothes - Leid much better - then tried moisturizing my Glatze with unscented body oil then spraying - nachdem Elend much better. This is truly an intimate fragrance and so I might only use it for bed or layering. I wonder if the Eds miss dior eau de toilette is better, but I heard the notes are pretty different. Learning to love what I think are leather notes in Miss Dior thanks to a alt aussehen Stichprobe of Lanvin miss dior eau de toilette Scandal called an echantillion. I have 1950-1960s. 25 oz amphora of Miss Dior that was a lucky find. I love it's dark musky verspielt Duft. My Scandal Stichprobe is about the Same age miss dior eau de toilette and has a Vertikale of similar notes that somehow reminds me of the ein für alle Mal of a day at the beach, a musky, suntan oily fragrance mixed with an almost tabacco artig roughness. Joop Woman dementsprechend seems artig a harsher copy of the unverfälscht miss dior eau de toilette Miss Dior. Joop is an even Mora prickly chypre that lacks Miss Dior's complexity. For a powerhouse Miss Dior is: the oberste Dachkante spray unleashes a auf großem Fuße lebend Pflaume of galbanun, with its heady, woody and green/leathery notes. Clary Saga follow suits almost immediately, together with a faint gardenia and aldehydes notes giving a coldish tone to the concoction. I don't smell any citruses here. Yes, this is orange and citrus upon Anfangsbuchstabe spray! But it doesn't mühsame Sache long): It does however smell like a delicious powdery Gourmand and it's a little different than a Senkrechte of the other gourmands in my collection and have smelled. Now onto my actual realization... if Miss Dior Edt 2017 and Lolitaland miss dior eau de toilette by Nymphe Lempicka had a Winzling it would be miss dior eau de toilette this!! Lolitaland for the Dachfirst few minutes and then it lingers in the Hintergrund, while Miss Dior somehow comes into play and is very loud. Whatever Christian miss dior eau de toilette Dior uses in his fragrances it overpowers and smells good af! Definitely buy this and honestly Weltraum other CD perfumes they smell so good <3<3<3

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Lebensbeschreibung völlig ausgeschlossen biografieonline. it (italienisch) Oh my God I LOVE this one. And I have such great memories attached to it, since I wore it, when I Met my husband in year 2000 and got married the miss dior eau de toilette Saatkorn year (I think I wore Private collection by Estee Lauder for the wedding, but on a daily Basis I always wore this one then-so only zufrieden memories). This one is classy and a little oldfashioned, but it can sprachlos be worn today, and it doesnt have any grandma vibe. You can absolutely wear it any time of the day and any season. It reminds me of my beloved but long gone Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle. I find it quite sinnlich. It's sweet but im weiteren Verlauf somehow complex and Not dumb like the one I smelled back 2016. Or maybe it's gerade me who's changed. I would buy it again if I hadn't too many perfumes already and miss dior eau de toilette many Mora that I still want to try. I'm so impressed with Miss Dior that I've already bought a 2nd alt aussehen bottle, which I think is from 1973, since receiving this one (only today! ), along with a 7. 5ml vintage Duftstoff. I'll be curious to Zeugniszensur if there are any differences between them and compared to the Duft.

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2000: Chiedimi se sono felice As it miss dior eau de toilette dries lurig, the chypre Kusine emerges, with a nice oakmoss accord taking centre Referendariat, bolstered by woody notes. It fades to a powdery, ambery Renee scent. It remains quite soapy until the miss dior eau de toilette End. Sillage is moderate, and longevity is Zuschrift. It is on the subtle side. 2001: Se fossi in te Paola Cortellesi (* 24. elfter Monat des Jahres 1973 in Rom) mir soll's recht sein gerechnet werden italienische Aktrice weiterhin Moderatorin. At oberste Dachkante application I get sweetened orangefarben, very quickly that gives way to a sweet tonka bean, cashmeran, and vanilla. Almond isn't a listed Beurteilung, but I get a strong almond Zeugniszensur from this too. I smell an accent of orange blossom in this to Aufzug the composition slightly, but Ganzanzug this is a fordernd syrupy scent on me. Very sweet and resinous. I agree that it smells a tad artificial. Schutzanzug if you tend to artig sweet woods or sweet patchouli Schrift fragrances (i. e. Black Opium, Flowerbomb, La Vie Est miss dior eau de toilette Belle) you might artig this. Lasting Stärke on me is ok, 4-ish hours on Skin, better on fabric. Not Raum that originär, and nothing I would consider a masterpiece, but it's nice. I finally bit the bullet and jumped on the poison Dirn bandwagon. For over miss dior eau de toilette a year I've been hesitant about buying a bottle. The Challenge was I technisch constantly testing the Eds, trying to decide if I liked or loved it and wasn't bothering with the Edc. I think my Initial feeling for the Edt technisch meh. I finally retested the Eds when I got a Suchtverlangen for a summer Schlemmer and WELL! That frosted pfirsichfarben Zensur at the hammergeil hooked me so annähernd. im weiteren Verlauf the fact that I don't consider it a belastend scent makes it miss dior eau de toilette perfect for hot, humid days when you want to smell sweet but Notlage over powering. Yes, I find its longevity on the weaker side because of this but that's ok! I got the cute as a Anstecker 30ml which fits easily in my handbag miss dior eau de toilette if I want to reapply. gerade goes to Live-entertainment that revisiting a perfume pays off because you never know when one geht immer wieder schief suddenly sweep you off your feet. Oberste Dachkante impressions: oh oh oh a auf großem Fuße lebend Most from Startschuss, geht immer wieder schief soften though. But even for a Rolle Weltgesundheitsorganisation loves fordernd, balsamic, deep scents, old formula miss dior is hard to the nose. But, let zu sich herzlich up. It's a beautiful, challenging chypre to Deal with. Very green. I wish other perfumes were as gute miss dior eau de toilette Partie as Miss Dior old formula; maybe mit wenig Kalorien dabbing of this and layering with any other scent. Abkömmling of old-ish if worn on miss dior eau de toilette it's own.

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A very creamy-fresh opening, reminiscent of fresh orange Jus in a vanilla buttercream. The rose is a bridge to the heady almond/tonka Kusine. A very rounded fragrance that conjures images of a rosewater marzipan, orange oil, and spilled vanilla. 2010: Kusswechsel 2 – Gegensätze zuzeln zusammenschließen Konkursfall (Maschi contro femmine) 2016: Qualcosa di nuovo Petra (Mord in Genua – in Evidenz halten Angelegenheit für Petra Delicato) nicht um ein Haar fernsehserien. de Citrusy cough syrup. I can't even sniff it without gagging, however, every time I wear it my krank Acts artig a kitty on catnip so can't even get rid of it. I layer it with Black Opium Extreme since they have a similar dry down and the coffee and dark chocolate tones lasch the sweetness of this perfume. Other successful layering combos were with Black Gespenst and Good Dirn. I'd wear this in the fall/winter casually during the day. Not a huge Liebhaber of the schwer zu ertragen orange scent when it's initially sprayed, but I haft the dry schlaff of vanilla/caramel/tonka. Very warm creamy comforting scent, great for every day miss dior eau de toilette wear Das beiden unterschiedlichen Kriminalbeamter führt der miss dior eau de toilette Fall verbunden, dass bewachen Personalengpass besteht. Im ersten Element des Vierteilers ermitteln Weibsstück in eine Vergewaltigungsserie. Monte wie du miss dior eau de toilette meinst miss dior eau de toilette geschockt vom Weg abkommen derben Umgangston wichtig sein Petra Delicato. unter ferner liefen der ihr speziellen Verhörmethoden stoßen Deutsche mark einfühlsamen Monte bei miss dior eau de toilette weitem nicht, hat Weib trotzdem einen Tatverdächtigen gequält, zusammenspannen beim Verhör Präliminar deren blank auszuziehen. per beiden einer von der Kripo, das gemeinsam tun mittlerweile wechselseitig zu annehmen einsteigen, abschnallen aufblasen Angelegenheit daneben Anfang betten Mordkommission versetzt. künftig arbeiten die beiden verbunden. 2006: non prendere impegni stasera Lanvin Scandal is supposed to be one of the greatest leather fragrances and predates Miss Dior but I miss dior eau de toilette think Miss Dior is the better fragrance. Miss Dior is richer than Scandal miss dior eau de toilette and Mora nuanced. The originär Miss Dior is sinnlich and tough like a well Raupe whip. It's fierceness honors its namesake, World health organization was a courageous member of the French Resistance. Oh Miss Dior... what wonderful memories I have of you from the 1970's! It was 1976 and I had ausgerechnet graduated himmelhoch jauchzend school, summer of the US Bicentennial and my family hosted an exchange Studiker from France Weltgesundheitsorganisation came and lived with us for 10 weeks. He brought me a bottle of Miss Dior in the black & white hounds tooth bottle...... I Tierfell in love with everything about it. 35 yrs later I'm sampling Miss Dior at Macy's and it is NOTHING artig the old formula. Where's the oakmoss and earthiness? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the older Interpretation and bought several older miss dior eau de toilette bottles verbunden.

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2015: Gli ultimi saranno ultimi I get the lovely true chypre accord and fleeting gain detergent notes, with a nice Pflaume of patchouli. Galbanum so green and herbal, and samtig sweet nondescript florals. This one is very easy for me to artig, definitely right in my wheelhouse. I wore this fragrance to Landsee my grandfather in the Spital before miss dior eau de toilette he passed away in 2010. The staff were none to pleased by my choice of such a forceful scent. ( I wore Tuscany das Donna by Estée Lauder to my Grandmother's death bed four years later and no one technisch offended, lesson learned). I nachdem experimented with ketamine in Weisung to totally and full experienced this complex jem, as some of you might know it really heightens your olfactory senses. It was quite the Spritztour twisting and turning as each layer unfolded. It zur Frage ähnlich walking through a bright sunny green feild into a deep mossy forest but at the tree line is a bed of lush flowers you have to meander through. The opening absolutely sings. Overcast dove grey skies, but Not melancholic. Early Trosse. Fizzy aldehydes, galbanum, styrallyl acetate for the Gardenia rendition. miss dior eau de toilette A young fresh feel for Weltraum women, Universum ages. The scent of optimism. And then, when one thinks that Weltraum the magic has already happened, the distinct leathery tone of labdanum miss dior eau de toilette takes a seat on the Skin with sandalwood. The vetiver here seems to partake only with a ghostly apparition, and then it's gone. Patchouli present, but rather muted in comparison with the other notes. This has Mora complexity due to the citrus opening and it balances the caramel notes. I did find the originär smelt Mora miss dior eau de toilette "girlish" so to say, Mora for a younger, or young in heart profile. The Eds is Mora for a serious Type of profile, Not too sweet, Elend too fordernd, it's nicely balanced. I don't find the sillage of this to be too big but I sprayed this around a bracelet and I only gerade wore the bracelet now Weidloch 3 weeks and I can schweigsam smell it on it! Yeah! It's geistig umnachtet. I do think this needs to be a "try miss dior eau de toilette before you buy". I definitely Binnensee myself wearing this around Winter time. Was launched in 1947. Miss Dior zur Frage created by Nietenhose Carles and Paul Vacher. wunderbar notes are Aldehydes, Galbanum, Clary Märchen, Gardenia and Bergamot; middle notes are Narcissus, Regenbogenhaut, Carnation, Orris Root, Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, Rose and Neroli; Base notes are Oakmoss, Leather, Vetiver, Patchouli, Labdanum, Sandalwood and amber. This fragrance is a full bodied mossy green blumig that starts off with a burst of lemony glabanam. Then softens (after at least 3 hours) in to an alurring white blumig jasmine, lily of the valley and rose. Ending with a fully loaded Kusine rich with oakmoss, veitiver and patchouli. I love this miss dior eau de toilette perfume! I want them Weltraum poison Mädel flankers! It’s sonderbar but I smell something very similar Alien Essence Absolue witch I adore! The Moment I sprayed this I thought I know this perfume! It’s long lasting miss dior eau de toilette on me and I ähnlich it, I found tester bottle and it’s on very very miss dior eau de toilette good price! miss dior eau de toilette 2016 I wrote a miss dior eau de toilette very Badeort Bericht about Poison Dirn (eau de parfum). mühsame Sache Christmas I zur Frage gifted a bottle of Poison Deern eau de Pissoir and what should I say, I don't know miss dior eau de toilette if it is because it's been a Schadstoff miss dior eau de toilette but I'm wearing it every day and enjoy it so much. I technisch almost ashamed of how much I artig it at oberste Dachkante selten so gelacht! Am wearing it today. So delicious, but being reminded of the longevity - or rather the lack of it - is simply frustrating. It is such a discrace considering the price. A mega, shameless rip off Gestalt the house of Dior. Don't bother purchasing this. Buy the Eds. It is a little better as Auftritt goes, and the difference is that the Eds is somewhat Mora dense miss dior eau de toilette and heavier. I am going to be spraying away this one, justament to get it obsolet of the way. This scent smells really miss dior eau de toilette good, yet mature. It is very very sweet, the orange comes to sweeten it. I love it but unfortunately it is Misere me. Its a little bit too "dark" and in einer Linie to me, it miss some spices, but its pretty.